Where are my files

I recently bought a Nokia 5500 sport. My previous Nokia 5500 sport was stolen by some dirty rob dog who has subsequently been caught by the police and is in court soon (yeay the police!). Annoying as it was, that's not what this story is about

Having unpacked my phone, I plugged it into my home computer to restore a previous backup I had made using Nokia's Content Copier

Bigger firmware

First problem I encounter is that the firmware on this handset is larger than the previous. This means the phone runs out of internal storage part way through the backup. Wow, that's REALLY helpful Nokia.

To work round the problem, I browse the phone AS I'm carrying out the restore and delete some of the larger files.

I manage to get most of the content back, but it is a struggle. I believe non-technical user would have no chance

Where are my apps?

When you first power up the phone, it will attempt to auto install the packages that are on the bundled 64Meg Micro-SD card

Nokia were bright enough to bundle some of the apps on a flash card, not in the firmware. Why is this a problem for me? Well...

Initially there are a number of language packs on the memory card for the speech synthesiser (English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish etc). To make more space as I was using my previous phone I deleted some of the languages I wouldn't use.

Now I have my new phone just powered up it still has all the original language pack applications installed (automatically btw)

When I use the content copier to restore my memory card, it tries to copy all my content back and fills the card as the language packs remain on the card and use the space I'd previously freed

Net result is it ruins the apps on the memory card, all but a theme.

The snakes game doesn't run, the su-doku game is broken, the browser update I think is gone. Other apps won't run for "security reasons"

Why the F doesn't the content copier backup the apps?

So, where can I get my apps?

I spoke to Nokia approximately 15 times. The informed me that a service center could "restore" my memory card, replacing the content with whatever is on the card when it is sold

They gave me many service centre contact numbers to try, not one could do anything with a MicroSD card. Some suggested "formatting" it and usually failed to understand that wouldn't get my apps back

Nokia said I could down load the apps using my phone. FROM WHERE?

It has been passed to the specialist problem team who is over two weeks have failed to provide a solution

Here's some solutions

Needless to say I'm so very very unimpressed with Nokia of this royal screwup

Imagine buying a Dell computer, Using a Dell application that somehow blanks the machine. It's ok, you've taken a backup using the official Dell software. When you restore the backup, none of your applications are there (for example paint shop pro or MS office) You speak to Dell to ask how to get them back and they have NO idea. Most of the calls result in them telling you it is impossible to reinstall them and that you should RETURN THE COMPUTER, even suggesting it was your own fault. Idiots. Totally unacceptable.

So what's this page for?

I've decided to put up content that Nokia fail to provide. Content people have paid for when they purchased a Nokia phone. If you've lost this content (perhaps through dodgy Nokia software) it might be here

What content

how about some ring tones? I should point out, the Nokia5.1.mid my own. It is the ring tone I've had ever since my first Nokia 2110. I had to create a mid version that sounded the same for subsequent phones. I've even used it during my sony-ericsson days. Maybe I'll go back to using them, ey Nokia. Seriously let me down this time.


If anyone has any offerings or something they think would be beneficial to other Nokia users, do let me know orange "at" intrepid.cx